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  • Commercial lighting design Commercial lighting systems and installation

Commercial electrical services Kent

At Paul Lawrence Electrical, we are dedicated to enhancing your office or work environment by building or improving lighting, heating and security installations.  We spend time discussing your requirements with you and will offer expert advice on reducing your utility bills by introducing metering controls and higher efficiency equipment.

As I am sure you know, security is an increasingly necessary feature of today’s world and we offer the best solutions to safeguard your staff and equipment.  These include comprehensive outside lighting, CCTV, alarms and access control to your buildings.  

All our installations comply with current regulations and we supply ongoing maintenance and equipment testing to reduce the risk of electrical failure.  We also offer a 24 hour emergency response service to correct electrical systems or equipment.

Why not contact us now on:- 0800 080 6206
  • Tel 07984 554 139 for my immediate personal attention
  • We give you straightforward and informed answers to your questions or queries over the phone by email or letter
  • You will not find a more highly skilled team of engineers that will provide you with the response you deserve
  • We are cost effective due to our professionalism, experience and hardworking ethos
  • Domestic, commercial or industrial, we carry it all out...