Breakdowns, replacements,
upgrades and new installations.

Heating breakdowns, replacements, upgrades and new installations

Until very recently, electric heating systems were considered to be an expensive way to heat the home. However, this is changing due to the following:-

Controllability - On and off when you want
Highly efficient - 100% electrical energy turned into heat
Highly reliable - Not much can go wrong
No maintenance - No sooting up of internal parts and no annual servicing
No transmission losses    - No heat escaping under the floor or in the loft through pipes, (even lagged pipes lose at least 10% of heat energy before reaching radiators)

Other benefits include:

Safe - No risks of leaks, explosions or carbon monoxide
Absolute silence - No systemic hum, no pumps, no expansion and contraction and no firing up
Immediate heat - No more waiting for the boiler to fire up, heat up then pump heat to location and emit heat slowly

Gas and oil prices will only increase in time as fossil fuels decrease in availability and more reliance is put on overseas suppliers such as Russia.

Electricity prices will only fall in time due to more eco-friendly renewable sources of electricity.

All types of system fixed and installed:-

  • Conventional gas and oil control circuits, (thermostats, time switches and valve).
  • Intelligent radiant heat panel heaters, (the way forward)
  • Storage heaters (economy 7 and 10).
  • Under floor heating(nice)
  • Air source heat pumps (3 x heat output over 1 x electrical consumption)
  • Kitchen plinth fan heating(space saving)
  • Electric towel rails (warm, dry towels even in the summer)
  • Electric boilers (no more worries)
  • Outside patio quartz space heating (heat you not the air)
  • Tubular garage and greenhouse heating (take off the chill)
All work is guaranteed and on completion you receive:
  • 3 year guarantee on all workmanship
  • ELECSA backed BS7671 design, installation and test certificates
  • Confirmation from Building Control that all work was carried out according to building regulations.

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