We cover all types of lighting:- downlights, L.E.D., low voltage,
security and garden lighting.

Indoor and outdoor lighting

There has been a revolution in lighting technology during the last few years, not only in lights but also in control.

The effects of light can guide us, soothe us, help us enjoy or it can paint shadows and reflections and create excitement and drama. Whatever you want from light, we are here to help.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:-

Functional lighting
Basic day to day lighting, simple and straightforward.

Lighting controls
Through switches, dimmers, timers and detectors. Whatever your requirements, we have the solutions.

Mood and accent lighting
Set the scene, whatever it may be!

Emergency lighting
Power cut - now where did I put that torch?!

Outdoor lighting
Our favourite, well positioned, well chosen lights. Bang! What an impact! Show off your house, garden and feature in style.

Energy efficient lighting
The way forward, massively reduced running costs, up to ten times lamp life expectancy and greatly reduced heat output. Just please be aware that some types of these lights contain tri-phosphors and heavy metals and must be disposed of correctly.

Security lighting
We can help solve your outside concerns about security, not just through PIR detectors, which I believe offer no real value as there are too many foxes. We have a range of cutting edge solutions. Ring for details!

All work is guaranteed and on completion you receive:
  • 3 year guarantee on all workmanship
  • ELECSA backed BS7671 design, installation and test certificates
  • Confirmation from Building Control that all work was carried out according to building regulations.

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